The Horn Book Review Reviews Jump See Farm

The Horn Book Review is a great resource for any parent or teacher looking for children’s books and apps. I’ve subscribed to their paper magazine, which is full of articles/interviews by and about prominent children’s book authors and illustrators as well as reviews of graphic novels, picture books, and books centered around various themes (I found great horse books for my 7-year-old). They review the full gamut– from children’s picture books to young adult books. The Horn Book Review also runs the Boston Globe Horn Book awards every year– another great source for high-quality books.

Check out The Horn Book’s web site where you will also find reviews of apps, e-books, events, guides, and blogs. You can also like them on Facebook.

Thanks for their review of the Jump See Farm app.

Cool Mom Tech: A Lovely Day At the Farm, No Claritin Needed

“The app consists mostly of short documentary style videos about farm life all produced with a great homespun vibe. . . . The easy to navigate landing pages feature the kinds of charming illustrations you might recognize through other other Jumpseewow apps. Add in some upbeat, friendly background music, the whole vibe is really does feel like great educational TV, only on your iPad or Kindle Fire.”

Thanks Coolmomtech for the review.

Geeks With Juniors Reviews Jump See Farm 10/6/14

Thanks Geeks With Juniors for reviewing the Jump See Farm app. Click on the link to check it out. You can also read their review of the Fire Station app.

Jump See Farm Available Oct. 5

Our newest app Jump See Farm will be released Sunday October 5. Lots of fun videos about farm life. Check out the trailer for the app.

Arlington Advocate: Parents Design App

Our local paper, The Arlington Advocate, recently published an article about our app work.

School Library Journal Review

On April 25, 2013 School Library Journal reviewed Fire Station and Firefighter Dress-up. Thanks, SLJ! School Library Journal is a great resource for books, audio, apps, graphic novels, digital materials– almost any type of media for kids from preschoolers up to teens.

New Firefighter Video in Fire Station App Update 4.28.13

This week we’ve updated the Fire Station app to include a new video portrait of Shelley Terrizzi. Firefighter Terrizzi  is a full-time firefighter in Arlington, MA.

Thirteen Red Shoes Review

Thirteen Red Shoes is a lovely blog by a Mom in Australia. Her images, content, and commentary encourage me to slow down and appreciate what is going on. She has great advice about children’s books, web sites, and projects. Thank you so much for the review.

Funeducationalapps reviews Fire Station

Thanks, Funeducationalapps, for the review of our Fire Station app. This is a great site if you are looking for reviews of children’s apps. 3/16/13


Kids Film from Around the World

Sometimes I wish I lived in NYC, especially when I read about New York’s International Children’s Film Festival in the New York Times. But luckily for those of us who live elsewhere the festival not only offers film recommendations, but they also feature a bunch of films you can watch online. They do also have touring compilations that get shown in other cities. Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts will be hosting screenings in April. It’s inspiring to see children’s films from around the world. It always has a big impact on both me and my kids.

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