Crafty Holiday

Before the holidays arrived my kids were most excited about their one big, high-tech holiday gift, the Wii. I was concerned about this gift and all the various issues it would entail– mainly how am I going to manage this new screen time and how do I make sure the games are appropriate for both kids. But after a few days of lots of Wii time they seem just as excited to play with their new Pokemon cards or their knitting spool. The low-tech toys are still popular. Yay! When I look back on this holiday it still makes me laugh to think of us trying to keep us with Wii’s Just Dance, but I’m also happy that the crafty, low-tech moments were just as fun, engaging and memorable.
































































We used this simple recipe for the ornament dough. Thanks to a new Mom friend for the paper chain inspiration and owl ornament supplies. And thanks to Granny Rachel who found this cool knitting spool for our beginner knitters.

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  1. Emmy
    Posted January 4, 2013 at 2:59 am | Permalink

    Cute projects! Love the knitting spool.

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