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Massachusetts #1 ???

Annie E. Casey Foundation Kids Count

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Active Video Games aren’t so Active : (

Randall Stross in The New York Times reports that active console video games don’t actually increase children’s exercise. I wasn’t surprised to read this, but I was disappointed. We all know how good exercise is for us. Studies show that even moderate amounts of exercise improve overall health. And exercise seems to improve children’s academic performances. [...]

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Imaginary Play

I read an article in Wired that described how kids who create elaborate imaginary worlds are creating what are called parocosms. Children who engage in this type of play often tend to be very creative adults. Reading this article made me look more closely at how my kids play when they create imaginary worlds. It often [...]

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How to Read to Preschoolers

This is worth a listen. Alix Spiegel of All Things Considered reports how there are small changes preschool teachers can make in how they read to their students that greatly affect the ability of disadvantaged kids to learn how to read. Reading alone didn’t have the same impact.

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