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Crafty Holiday

Before the holidays arrived my kids were most excited about their one big, high-tech holiday gift, the Wii. I was concerned about this gift and all the various issues it would entail– mainly how am I going to manage this new screen time and how do I make sure the games are appropriate for both [...]

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Bean Art

I was getting rid of some old beans that I never took the time to boil and cook, so I decided to put them out for the kids to use in an art project. ┬áIt seemed very “old school” to create art out of dried beans. Perhaps because it was so novel my kids got [...]

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Superhero Party

My daughter wanted to have a superhero party at our home to celebrate her 5th birthday. Between her love of the Fashion Kitty books and the Wonder Pets television show I shouldn’t have been surprised that she wanted a superhero themed party. I love personal birthday parties at home, but I don’t love the stress [...]

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