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“If she can see it, she can be it.” -Geena Davis

                  I am excited we finally updated the Fire Station app this week with a video portrait of Firefighter Shelley Terrizzi. Ever since the Fire Station app was released I’ve been eager to find a female firefighter to film and include in the app. Fire Chief Jefferson [...]

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Million Year Picnic

                  On a blustery April weekend we headed to The Million Year Picnic, a comic book store, in Harvard Square. My husband grew up frequenting the store, so he was excited to share the experience with our kids. My son was especially excited, since he feels like [...]

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Winter Weekend

                    A few weeks ago we spent a weekend in Vermont visiting friends. I thought it would be our last winter weekend, but winter seems to be lingering this year. We had a great time enjoying the snow and sledding. I really appreciated how this year [...]

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Here are a few favorite books from our recent library visits. My Name is Elizabeth by Annika Dunklee & Matthew Forsythe For some reason this book about names and nicknames resonated with my kindergartener. Great illustrations.                                       [...]

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February Florida Vacation

I can’t believe how quickly February disappeared. Between visiting relatives, snow days, sick kids, and a vacation week, the month just flew by. The high point of February for us was going on vacation in Florida. We skipped Disney and Legoland and headed for the Everglades and the Keys. It was wonderful.   We all [...]

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                                                                                          Games are super popular at our house in large part [...]

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Do you read e-books with your kids?

                      I started reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House in the Big Woods with my kids. I never read it as a child, although I devoured the television show, so the book is new to all of us. It took us quite a while to [...]

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Firefighter Dress-up is Free Jan. 11th via App Friday

                      App Friday is a great source for apps that are free or on sale. Every Friday App Friday promotes more than a dozen apps for kids that are worth checking out. It’s perfect timing for weekend app fun, especially for those long car rides [...]

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Crafty Holiday

Before the holidays arrived my kids were most excited about their one big, high-tech holiday gift, the Wii. I was concerned about this gift and all the various issues it would entail– mainly how am I going to manage this new screen time and how do I make sure the games are appropriate for both [...]

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Fire Station is on the App Store!

                                                    The Fire Station is now available on the App Store. Watch short documentary videos about fire vehicles, firefighters, their equipment, tools, and more. Special thanks to the Arlington Fire District [...]

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