JUMPSEEWOW creates educational apps for children that encourage exploration of the world around them as well as creative and playful experiences. We want to deepen the experiences kids may have in life, and bring them to places they haven’t been before. We hope children will play with JUMPSEEWOW, follow their own interests, and learn in a very natural process. By creating engaging content we hope children can learn, ponder, play and return to learn more.

Jumpseewow is a husband and wife team.  We have two children and live outside of Boston.


Julie E. Rosenberg / Producer

Julie has a background in documentary television production and holds a Master’s in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.




Niels Burger / Art / Animation

Niels is an artist/illustrator and an adjunct professor of drawing and painting. You can see some of his artwork at www.nielsburger.com.







Web Design

Niloufer Moochhala/NYM Design


Web Development

Hattie Llavina


Logo Design

Liesbeth Van Den Berg



We’d love to hear from you:  info@jumpseewow.com


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