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How Big?

We’re in full production of our app, Jump See Fire Station, and we learned that the short documentary videos, which are the heart of the app, are making the app HUGE. Will an enormous app put people off from downloading it? What is more important– high quality videos or a smaller app that takes up [...]

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Active Video Games aren’t so Active : (

Randall Stross in The New York Times reports that active console video games don’t actually increase children’s exercise. I wasn’t surprised to read this, but I was disappointed. We all know how good exercise is for us. Studies show that even moderate amounts of exercise improve overall health. And exercise seems to improve children’s academic performances. [...]

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Books! Little Hoot, Little Oink, & This Plus That

My daughter came home from school with a library book called Little Oink by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Jen Corace. It quickly became a favorite of the whole family. It’s a clever story about a pig who, against his parents wishes, wants to be clean rather than messy. It’s full of sweet, detailed illustrations. We [...]

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Imaginary Play

I read an article in Wired that described how kids who create elaborate imaginary worlds are creating what are called parocosms. Children who engage in this type of play often tend to be very creative adults. Reading this article made me look more closely at how my kids play when they create imaginary worlds. It often [...]

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